Instructions for Authors

Publishing conditions in Al-Qadisiyah Journal of Agricultural Sciences


Required in research published in the Journal of Al-Qadisiyah Agricultural Sciences / University of Al-Qadisiyah be on the program (Microsoft word 2010) and according to the following specifications:
1. page margins are (each 2 cm from the top and bottom and 2.5 cm for the right hand and left hand).
2. The general line type Transparent Arabic and the size of 14 normal (non-dark).
3. headlines to search is a 14-type PT Bold Heading normal (non-dark).
4. headlines include all of the (Arab-title search, introduction, materials and methods of work, results and discussion,                 recommendations, sources).
5. tables are in the middle of the page and is wrapped, and the size 12 dark, while the title of the table is the size of either 14      Dark thickness table layout is the size of 1.5, Notes table of numbers or identifying information be size 12 dark bottom of         the table.
6. If one researcher put Acer in the Arabic page with the e-mail address below. University and college and put all my     knowledge and without the title.
7. In summary Arab search begins and when Bida leave indented 1 cm distance, after the conclusion comes keywords that are taken from the title of the paper often.
8. Find be routinely without columns.
9. After the completion of the Arab and foreign sources, writes a title search after foreign researcher name if one writes  Right Steering without e-mail.
10. Then the Abstract foreign start at intervals of 1 cm and foreign language keywords.
11. begin to search the title of the foreign words in large letters except prepositions start small print of, on, it …
12. Arab and foreign Conclusion normally be any of the non-pillars.
13. sources begins in Arabic and foreign and be the first line of each sources a distance of 1 cm from the rest of the source.
14. leave the past in the source without the brackets.
15. Find a foreign address is the size 16 dark.
16. All figures are in English.
17. foreign words be type-written Time New Roman.
18. If the search begins English title Dark 16 foreign size and unusual Abstract without columns and then Tmtota keywords    provided in Introduction to the poles and the end of the search, except the Arab Conclusion Arab title and keywords are   normally without columns.
19. The research presents three copies with a CD with the left Mobile number on the envelope for the purpose of  communication when needed.


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