(Volume (6) Issue (2


On cocompact open set

Raad Aziz Hussain Al-Abdulla           Farah Hassan Jasim Al-Hussaini

Deriving Composite Functions as Activation Function for Neural Networks or for Wavenets

Bushra Hussien Aliwi

Strongly regular Palais proper G – space

Habeeb Kareem Abdullah                Inam Farhan Adhab

On Some Results for M-band Sub Filter Bank

Hisham MohammedaliHasan          Waggas Galib Atshan          Ghufran Sahib Kadhim

Separation theorem for fuzzy normed space

Noori F.Al Mayahi           Dunea A . Abd alsaheb

The Relationship Between Boronological Convergence of Net  and Topological Convergence of  Net

Fatma Kamil Majeed Al-Basri

Some New result of Compact sets in fuzzy metric space

Noori F. AL-Mayahi         Sarim H . Hadi

Subclass of Univalent Functions with Positive Coefficients

Waggas Galib Atshan          Huda Khalid AbidZaid

On Bc-Lindelof spaces and nearly Bc-Lindelof spaces

Raad Aziz Hussain Al-Abdulla          Ruaa Muslim Abed 

Solving Some Kinds of the Three Order Partial Differential Equations with Homogeneous Degree

Rusul Hassan Naser

Certain Types of Compact Spaces

Sattar Hameed Hamzah          Saied A. Johnny

On Essentially Normality of the Composition Operator Cσ

Aqeel Mohammed Hussain

On Soft 2-Inner Product Spaces

Dhuha Abdulameer Kadhim

Enhancing the Security of Playfair Cipher by Stream Cipher

Fairouz Mushtaq Sher Ali

Modify  Initialization k-means Clustering Algorithm to Generate Initial Centroids

Lamia AbedNoor Muhammed


A comparison among methods for estimation of the parameter of the Maxwell- Boltzmann distribution using simulation

Layla Matter Nassir

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