About College

Future vision : –

Establishing specialized centers such as dental center, congenital malformations center, orthodontic center, and other specialized centers. Scientific graduates of our college to make it a class of colleges in the prestigious universities.

The rationale for introducing the college:

* The university is in dire need of a dental school to be complementary to the Faculty of Medicine and other scientific colleges at the university.

* The use of existing and available in the Faculty of Medicine and other scientific faculties of the University in the stages (first, second, third) after the development.

* Provide sufficient number of teaching staff and career.

Admission Plan:

The proposal to admit thirty students in the first year, similar to the colleges of dentistry, which was introduced in the universities of Babylon, Basra and Kufa.

Description of graduate: 

* He is the person who finishes his academic studies in order to obtain a bachelor’s degree in medicine and oral surgery.

* Is the person who has detailed information and accurate and modern and specialized in the field of dentistry.

* Is the person able to engage in the examination and treatment of oral diseases, especially related to the teeth.

College Location :

Allocation of one of the buildings of the College of Arts Complex, which will be vacant for the transfer of the Faculty of Arts to the campus, and it will provide a place that meets the requirements of the Faculty of Dentistry and all its physical requirements from classrooms, laboratory and office halls, as well as student compounds from green fields, student club and services. In addition, the College’s location is located in the center of the city where there are different modes of transport, with car garages for students, students and students. The building has water, electricity and communications services and electricity generating system that satisfies all service requirements.