IFRS (IFRS) and Quality of the Financial Statements for (SMEs)

  • bashaeer khuthair abbas Iraqi


Abstract: The small and medium-sized entities (SMEs) One of the most fundamental pillars of the economy of any country, whether developed or developing it They represent more than  (95%) of  the sum companies all over the world and given the importance ,where has the International Accounting Standards Board issued an accounting standard international special in small and medium-sized entities.in July (2009) Where The Board has developed and issued a separate standard for application to the general purpose financial statements and other financial reports prepared within those companies.

             Therefore, the current study aims to determine the impact of the application of IFRS for SMEs that would lead to quality in the financial statements by conducting a field study of a sample of investment banks listed in the Iraqi Stock Exchange. The test was conducted by the statistical program (spss). The results reveal that the adoption of the International Financial Reporting Standards leads to the acquisition of good accounting information, which reflects the impact on the financial statements to become high quality globally to reflect the fact of the economic reality of the company to allow investors to take the decisions smart, Leading to the ease of exchange international trade.