The Effect of Pulverization Tools and Tractor Speed on Some Machinery Performance and Yield of BarleyHoridium vulagri L.

  • Saif Ahmed Rawdhan College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad
Keywords: Pulverization Tools, Tractor Speed and Barley


Field experiment has been conducted during autumn season of 2011-2012 at the experimental farm, Department of Agriculture Machines Science, Collage of Agriculture –University of Baghdad. A field study has been carried out to determine the effect of pulverization tools and tractor speed on yield of barley crops for optimum production and some machinery group. Pulverization tools treatments are (rotivator, disk harrow and spring cultivator). Tractor speed is (4 and 5 km hr-1). Randomized complete block design with three replications and LSD (0.05) is used to compare the means of treatments at 0.05.The experiment results show the following: The treatment of pulverization using rotivator+5 km hr-1 tractor speed achieves higher practicalproductivity with mean recorded 0.99 ha hr-1, and lower fuel consumption combined and slippage percentage with mean 28.31 and 7.77% respectively as  compared with disk harrow and spring cultivator The mean values of the pulverization tools and tractor speed show that rotivator+5 km hr-1 tractor speed gives heights value biological yield (t/ha) and seed yield (t/ha) recorder 18.23 and 5.85 Ton ha-1.


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