The Effect of the Conventional and Modified Subsoilers on the Soil Water Infiltration in Clay Soil During Sun Flower Crop Growth Stages (Helianthus annus L.)

  • Kawther A. H. Al-Mosawi College of Agriculture , University of Al-Basrah
  • Bahaa A. J. A. Kareem College of Agriculture , University of Al-Basrah
Keywords: Conventional Subsoiler, Modified Subsoiler, Cumulative Infiltration, Infiltration Rate


A filed experiment has been conducted at college of agriculture research station, Garmit Ali , Basrah university in ( 2014 ) . The soil texture is clay . Three plow types are used namely modifiled subsoiler , conventional subsoiler and moldboard plow . The first two plows (subsoilers) are used at operating depths of 30 , 40 and 50  cm . The moldboard plow is used at operating depth of 25 cm . These plow types are used to study their effect on the soil  water infiltration of the soil in after crop harvesting. The crop used in the experiments is sun flower ( Helianthus annus L.) . The following abbrivations are used for the modified and conventional subsoilers operating depths 30 , 40 , and 50 cm , which are they S1D1 , S1D2 , and S1D3 and S2D1 , S2D2 and S2D3 respectively . For the moldboard plow depth of 25 cm  MT is used and no tillage treatment (NT) . The control treatment is given (con.) . The filed is divided into three equal area blocks . Each block is divided into nine experimental units . The experimental parameters are randomly distributed on experimental units . The crop seeds are planted on 4/4/2014 . The irrigation is added according to the difficiency in the water level of water evaporation basin . The addition of water is 100% of the measured evaporation value with another 20% as leaching requirement . The crop harvesting date is 4/7/2014 .The results showed :That plowing operation reduced Acumulative infiltration and infilteration rate are higher in the plowed soil compared with unplowed soil (NT) . At the end of season growth S1D3 recorded the highest equmilative and mean infiltration while the lowest values are recorded to MT . The rest of treatments gave medium results.


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