Classification and Diseases Identification of Mango Based on Artificial Intelligence: A Review

  • Israa Mohammed Hassoon Department of Mathematics, Collage of Science, University of Mustansiriyah (UOM), Baghdad-Iraq
Keywords: Mango Classification, Mango Diseases Identification, Shape features, Texture Features, Color features


Mango is a drupe fruit which plays an active role in the economy of different countries. Classification process is a fundamental process in: diseases detection domain, sorting and grading. Previously, farmers can detect mango's diseases, identification ripe and unripe mango by their eyes, but it is inaccurate, waste of time and effort. AI technology helping farmers get high quality agricultural crops, the essential idea of AI in agriculture is its flexibility, reliability, speedy performance and applicability. AI technology improves enterprise performance and productivity by automating processes or tasks that once required human skill. AI can also understand data on a scale that no human can achieve, this ability can bring great advantages in the field of agriculture. In this paper, a review for application of artificial intelligence in mango classification and mango diseases identification have been presented. 


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