Instructions for authors

  1. The journal publishes results of various researches from both inside and outside Iraq – all the researches subject for a peer review where the researches are classified as follows:
  2. A . Original researches that include basic and practical results.
  3. B. Condensed articles (Short communication) that give some preliminary results of researches are still ongoing. These articles should not exceed 500 words and their contents should follow the basic research dissemination preamble.
  1. All manuscripts submitted for consideration of publication in this journal must not have been published or accepted for publication elsewhere

3 .  All manuscripts submitted for consideration of publication in this journal must be in three original copies or send via the journal E-mail.

  1. All manuscripts submitted for the publication in this journal must be printed via Microsoft Word 2010 system and they must not exceed 20 pages including all tables and figures and indexes

A – The manuscripts should be arranged as follows: –

The paper margin

2 cm from each side

Font style


Empty space

single space  should be left empty after the supreme footnote of the first page (counting the small size of the character 16 Arial)

Title of the paper

Uppercase size 16 (bold )

-Name or names of the authors

-  e-mails

- Lowercase 11 (bold )

- Lowercase 10 (bold,Diagonal)


Uppercase size 12 (bold) and placed directly after the left edge.


Lowercase size 11 (bold) at the beginning of each word and uppercase character placed directly after the left edge

Do not forget

Must leave one empty line before the main title or subtitle


Lowercase size 10, paragraph: single space


Must be numbered in brackets directly to the right of the footnote and without points due to the numbers and equations mediate. Leave one blank line before and after the equation and the equation is referred to within the text as follows … (x) , where x mean number equation

Figures and tables

Must be referred to in the text in bold and the title must appear under the Figure in lowercase letters size 10. The title of Table must appear above the table written in lowercase letters size 10, and a blank line must be left before and after the title of the table.


References should be printed together at the end of the manuscript in alphabetical order. A single line should be left before and after each reference.


All manuscripts should start with a summary of no more than 200 words written in lowercase letters size 10 diagonal , and should fit well with the title of the manuscript and summarize the research’s objective, content , results and conclusions.


Abstract of the manuscript should follow with five up to ten keywords related to the main topic of research written in lowercase letters size 10 (bold).


If the manuscript contains any symbols so they should be arranged alphabetically and written in Latin characters followed by Greek characters, For example ATC: Area Traffic Control


B – The manuscript submitted to the journal should be arranged as follows:

  • In the first page: write the title of the paper and names, addresses and E-mail contacts of the authors in the primary language of the paper.
  • Abstract and keywords come after the title.

5 – Al-Qadisiyah Journal for Engineering  ScienceS Will have copyright of the papers.

6 – The researcher (researchers) undertakes a full responsibility about the contents of the submitted research.

7 – The journal welcomes discussions about the published subjects where should introduce within two-month period from the date of publication, and no more than two pages. The discussions and their appropriate answers by the authors if any will be published in the subsequent published issue.

 General conditions for  papers

  • Nomenclature, a list of symbols comes directly after the abstract.
  • Tables and Figures come at the end of the paper after References.
  • References should be written in alphabetic order as follows:

Within the text, the first name of the author followed by the published year in parentheses such as (Hong, 1992) should be written, and a full name of the author followed by the year such (Hong, JP, 1992) should be written within the list of references.

  • Within the Introduction, at least eight previous published papers need to be described.


Submission of a manuscript implies:

  • Publishing request (the form is found on the home page)
  • Pledge researcher (the form is found on the home page)

 Pre-review Process

At first the research reviewed by editorial staff and when accepted, it insert in Turnitin research web to determine the ratio of similarity which should not exceed 20%.  Introduction and reference are not taken into consideration

Review Process

-The submitted paper will be reddening by the editorial board to determine the paper field and then send it to two peers review in the same paper field.

-The reviewers (analysis, comments, correcting) the paper.

-the paper will be send to the researcher again to modify it according to the reviewer’s evaluation, or answer them (if needed).

-when the journal receives the modifying paper, and after being sure everything is taken in the account the paper will be accepted, and then accepted certificate will be submitted to the researcher.

Fees and Charges

The fee for each research is (100$), and the payment method is (mobile transfer wire) via Western Unions Company (Altaif Office / Al-Qadisiyah /Iraq). Submitted to the journal`s account (his/her name will be given by the journal e-mail).

The fees send in two stages

  • 50$ send with the submitted research as evaluation fees
  • 50$ send after the research has been accepted as publishing fee