Noise levels Assessment in Selected Places in Al-Diwaniyah City, Iraq

  • Hussein Janna, Dr. Civil Engineering Department\ Al-Qadisiyah University\ Al-Diwaniyah\ Iraq


Nowadays, noise becomes one of the most environmental pollutants. Several adverse effects linked with exposure to environmental noise. The aim of this study was achieved to evaluate noise level in some selected area represented by schools and medical centres in Al-Diwaniyah city according to the international standards. Therefore, noise levels were measured using sound level meters type (SVAN-955) in 10 places (5 schools and 5 health centres and hospitals) in different areas in the city. Most of these selected schools and health centres were exposed to noise from road traffic. The study revealed that equivalent sound level and minimum sound level for the schools (65dBA, 59dBA respectively) exceeded the international standards. The equivalent and minimum noise level in the health centres were (66dBA, 59.6dBA) also exceeded the WHO, USEPA and European legislations. Therefore, these results will be of help to planners and policy makers in the City to combat such this problem and Take the necessary actions to legislate the Iraqi standard for noise exposure and also to reduce the impact of noise on the buildings and common places.


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