• Jabbar A. Laftah, Professor Structural Engineering \ Technology University


The included search casting twenty one concrete mixes, that proportion are (1:1.5:3), (1:2:4) and (1:3:6). Nine of them with out using plasticizer with three (w/c) (0.50, 0.57, 0.60) as showing at table (6).And twelve mixes contained a proportion of additive mixture of metal Gelenium No.(5) with four ratios of Gelenium as shown at table (5) and every mix has (w/c) (0.45:0.53:0.60).
- Soft conceret of non container plastizer tested by workablity (slump test). The mex (1:1.5:3) gave best result (60mm) , least mix (1:2:4) gave (40mm), least mix(1:3:6) gave (25mm) according to reference mixture.
- Soft conceret with Gelenium ratio plastizer gave best slump for Nine mixs with three (w/c) ratio (40%, 45%, 50%) And Gelenium (3%) , the best result for mix(1:1.5:3) equal (98mm),least mix (1:2:4) gave slump (85mm) , And mix (1:3:6) gave (74mm) compare with reference mixture
- Compressive strength for twelve cupics with optimum Gelenium ratio. The mix (1:1.5:3) with (2%) gave (14Mpa) at early age. And (38Mpa) at finish age, least mix (1:2:4) gave (10Mpa) at early age And (28Mpa) at finish age , And mix (1:3:6) gave (6Mpa) at early age , and (20Mpa) at finish age as shown at figure(8).
- Depend on ratio of mix , percentage(w/c) and zoom of plasticizer .these factors gave best result at mix(1:1.5:3) according to standard specification.


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