A comparative Study on the Feasibility of the Use of Finishing Gypsum Plaster in the Traditional Manner and Method of Spraying with Machine

  • Muntadher J. Taher, Asst. Lec. lead supervisor Eng./Imam Hussein Holy Shrine / Karbala
  • Mohammed N. Al – Ghanimi, Asst. Lec. Dep. of Civil Eng./ College of Eng. / Uni. of Karbala
  • Aymen J. Kadhim, Asst. Lec. Dep. of Civil Eng./ College of Eng. / Uni. of Karbala
Keywords: Feasibility Study, Normal Gypsum, Technical Gypsum, KNAUF Gypsum, Cost


The aim of the study is to compare the feasibility of using the method of traditional finishing by normal and technical gypsum plaster with the method of spraying with machine for plaster type (KNAUF) through the work of an analytical Study of the cost of each method (materials and labor ... etc.) and compare them, as well as the work of a comparative study on the necessary time to complete the work and its impacts on the working speed. It was taking into consideration the quality of work and materials used in both methods by conducting laboratory tests required for materials and production quality. Through research and study shows that the use of method of spraying with Machine for plaster type (KNAUF) less the cost and achievement duration and best production quality compared with the method of traditional finishing by gypsum plaster, and has been recommended for adoption because they provide a reflection positively on the project in terms of cost, achievement time and quality.


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