• Asst. Prof. Dr Mohammed Y. Hassan University of Technology, Control and Systems Department, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: IT2FLC, TRMS, PSO algorithm, MIMO system, FLC


Air vehicle modeling like the helicopter is very challenging assignment because of the highly nonlinear effects, effective cross-coupling between its axes, and the uncertainties and complexity in its aerodynamics. The Twin Rotor Mutli-Input Multi-Output System (TRMS) represents in its behavior a helicopter. TRMS has been widely used as an apparatus in Laboratories for experiments of control applications. The system consists of two degrees of freedom (DOF) model; that is yawing and pitching. This paper discusses the design of Four Interval Type-2 fuzzy logic controllers (IT2FLC) for yaw and pitch axes and their cross-couplings of a twin rotor MIMO system. The objectives of the designed controllers are to maintain the TRMS position within the pre-defined desired trajectories when exposed to changes during its maneuver. This must be achieved under uncertain or unknown dynamics of the system and due to external disturbances applied on the yaw and pitch angles. The coupling effects are determined as the uncertainties in the nonlinear TRMS. A PSO algorithm is used to tune the Inputs and output gains of the four Proportional-Derivative (PD) Like IT2FLCs to enhance the tracking characteristics of the TRMS model. Simulation results show the substantial enhancement in the performance using PSO-Based Interval Type-2 fuzzy logic controllers compared with that of using IT2FLCs only. The maximum percentage of enhancements reaches about 33% and the average percentage of enhancements is about 17.1%. They also show the proposed controller effectiveness improving time domain characteristics and the simplicity of the controllers.


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