Histopathological changes on Splenomegaly induced in Experimental rats Wistar albino

  • Maha K. Al-Malaak Science collage / Biology Department/ Basrah University


This study was aimed to evaluate histopathological changes in experimental rats with induced splenomegaly and liver fibrosis by administering thioacetamid (TAA). Liver fibrosis was clearly noticed in all experimental rats after intraperitoneally injected with a dose (200mg/kg) body weight for 8 weeks ,while control rats injected with buffered saline.The body , spleen and liver weight were recorded , also ratio of liver and spleen per body weight was estimated.Macroscopical changes including (colour, size, congested, signs of fibrosis, irregularity, nature of surface) regarded to liver and spleen were clarified. The livers showed coarse granulation surface, fibrous (white) spots, pale color and congested with large size, while spleen appeared enlarged, reddish, with fibrous regions, twister and fragil easy to destruct.Biochemical results revealed to statistical difference (p<0.05) in the rate of albumin and total protein concentration in splenomegaly rats compared to control. Inhibition of both (Gpt and Got) enzymes was estimated in rats with splenomegaly up compared to control rats.There was statistical difference in the mean concentration of total bilirubin in splenomegaly rats in comparison to control rats. The results of microscopic investigation of tissue sections related to rats liver with enlarged spleen showed dilation in portal veins with an increased in (PV) diameter in relation to control rats, also significant increased with splenic lymph nodules diameter in splenomegaly rats compared to control rats.Results on liver sections stained with (PAS) reagent indicated to dense, coarse and red glycogen granules were deposit on hepatocytes also fibrosis, hyperplasia, fibrous septa, large amount of collagen fibers and destruction of normal lobules were observed.The results referred to swollen hepatocytes, pyknotic nuclei, vacuoles with lipid accumulation and moderate steatosis was obvious in all sections of livers with cirrhosis .Hyperplasia, dilated bile ducts and infiltration of inflammatory cells. Spleen sections of splenomegaly rats showed congested red pulp, some lymph nodule s appeared active and more than one aggregated together, thickening in fibrous trabecullae and numerous macrophages with hemosidrin deposite.Hemorrhage with large numbers of erythrocytes and platelets deposit in large blood vessels, thickening in capsule with more fibrous tissue compared with control rats.