Efficacy of Laparoscopic retroperitoneal deroofing of simple renal cyst in comparison with open surgery

  • Falah Mahdi Ali College of Medicine, Al-Qadisiyah University


Objective: to evaluate efficacy and safety of laparoscopic retroperitoneal deroofing in comparison with open deroofed cases. Patients and methods: over period of 3 years , 11 patients with symptomatic simple renal cysts , underwent laparoscopic retroperitoneal deroofing and another 15 patients with same symptoms, underwent open deroofing.
Results: Insignificant difference between both procedures regarding operative time, blood loss, recurrence rate, with better results for laparoscopic retroperitoneal deroofing regarding hospital staying, convalescence period and wound complication.
Conclusion: Laparoscopic retroperitoneal deroofing of simple renal cyst is safe and effective procedure with minimal complication in comparing with open one.