Rubber band ligation of hemorrhoids

  • Basheer Abd Ali Huoeil Al diwanyia teaching hospital
  • Ali Abed Mhawese Al-saderteaching hospital
  • Sheimaa Abd Al hamzaBorhan Al diwanyia teaching hospital


Haemorrhoids constitute a frequent clinical problem. A variety of conservative treatment options have been proposed, the majority of which can be safely performed on an outpatient basis, like the rubber band ligation RBL which is selected in this study . The aim of the study is to prove the possibility and benefit of the procedure as a treatment for the first In this study we review the management of 100 patient (70 male and 30 female) with different degree of hemorrhoids, and the age range from 20-75 year most of them at 30-50 year old, underwent rubber band ligation(RBL) on outpatient clinic(private clinic) during period of 19 month from December 2006 to jully2008. 90 patient(90%) did well and 10 patient(10%) did not feel better two of them (2%) did open hemorrhoidectomywhile8 patient(8%) kept on conservative measures. The RBL is reliable and safe outdoor procedure for the first, second and third degree hemorrhoids.