Etiology of lacrimal sac infections

  • Furkaan Majied Hamied Department of Surgery, college of Medicin, Al-Qdisiah University, Iraq.


The lacrimal sac infection common problem exposing the eyeball and the orbit into the risk of contaminations and the subsequent; orbital cellulitis, conjunctivitis, and even keratitis so it is an indirect sight threatening disorder and should be studied promptly.
Patient and methods
At Al-Diwaniya Teaching hospital, at the outpatient clinic of ophthalmology; after clinical diagnosis of dacryocystitis, a sixty tow samples of lacrimal sac contents were studied microbiologically (12 bilateral and 38 unilateral) .From June 2010 to June 2013.
Results and conclusions:
78%(39) of cases were with positive results, while the remainder were negative. No fungal infection recommended. The most common pathogen is the Staph species, and the most effective antibiotic is the Chloramphenicol, which is available and non coasty drug could be used as a first line therapy.