Association of HLA-DR3, DR4, and B27 gen in autoimmune hepatitis patients

  • Hammadi A. Alhilali Collage of medicine/ University of Al-Qadisiyah
  • Abdulrazzaq Abaulla Taher Ministry of health / Al-Diwanyia Teaching Hospital
  • Osama T. Al-Obeidy Collage of medicine/ University Al-Qadisiyah


AIH so far thought to be an auto-immune disease. One of the genetic predisposing factors is thought to be HLA-DR3 and DR4 genes. The present study aimed at investigation the frequencies of HLA-DR3, DR4 and HLA-B27 genes among the Real-time PCR were used for the HLA-genes. The age of the patients were ranged from 7- 69 years in AIH group and from 8-67 years in healthy controls group. On the context of genotyping of HLA- genes, DR3, DR4, and B27 were found to be differed in their frequencies significantly among AIH patients that creating high etiological fraction of 0.504, 0.583, and 0.129 respectively compared to healthy controls, with odd ratio (OR) 7.35 for DR3, high OR 8.0 for DR4 and 2.23 for B27. The frequencies of these genes in AIH patients, highly significant differed between patient group, for DR3 compared to healthy group which 58.3% and 16% respectively, and very high significantly differed between patient group for DR4 compared to healthy group which 66.7% and 20% respectively, while no significant differed between patient group compared to healthy group for B27 which 23.3% and 12% respectively.


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