The value of rapid semi-automated morphometric analysis system in predicting malignancy in thyroid follicular neoplasm

  • Thair Wali Ali College of Medicine,University of Al-Qadisiyah
Keywords: morphometry, thyroid, carcinoma


Aims: To constuct and evaluate a rapid semiautomated system in discriminating malignant from benign follicular thyroid neoplasms.  Methods: Sixty formalin fixed paraffin embeded blocks of follicular thyroid
neoplasms were retreived and slides were prepared and H and E stained. A morphometric system was constructed to be as rapid as possible and was tested.
Results: No signficant difference was found in ratio of largest nuclear to smallest nuclear diameter between follicualr adenoma and follicualr carcinoma groups.
Conclusion: Rapid semiautomated morphometric analysis is of no help in predicting malignancy in follicular thyroid neoplasm.