New Typology of the Basal Cell Carcinoma: a clinical review

  • Salih Al-Baaj Specialist plastic surgeon, Diwaniyah Teaching Hospital
  • Abbas Kalaf Mahdi Department of otolaryngology head and neck surgery , Al-Diwaniyah teaching hospital.
  • Emad Addeen Toma Shnawa Al-Diwanyiah teaching hospital



Metatypical cell carcinoma (MTC) is a new entity of skin cancer. It represents an intermediate type between basal cell carcinoma (BCA) and squamous cell carcinomas (SCC). The behavior of the metatypical cell carcinoma lies between these two varieties of skin cancer. The differential diagnosis can not be made depending on morphological and clinical features, so histological examination is mandatory.


It is a retrospective study carried out on of 120 patients with metatypical skin cancer who were treated by surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.


It was found, that more males (62.5%) are affected with MTC than females (37.5%) with predilection for cervicofacial areas (71.7%), then the trunk (10%), the limb (9-6%), the scalp (3.7%) and other regions (5%) (Table 1). The disease recurred in 12 cases (10%) mainly in head and neck areas.


In this study, I have focused on the importance of differential diagnosis and specific treatment of MTC, even though more clinical studies and long-term follow up are needed before establishing specific guide lines.