Instruction for Author

Instructions for publication in the journal Qadisiyah for pure sciences:

  1. Three copies of the research are to be printed on white paper A4, single-sided, single-size, Microsoft Office Word 2007 exclusively, in the form of two columns, width of 7.5 cm for each column, and in Arabic or English. The distance (2.5 cm) Of the page. Font type, simplified Arabic for Arabic, Times New Roman for English, and font size for plain text. 14 is bold for the title of the search, 12 is for the names of the researchers and 10 is normal for the titles of the researchers, taking into consideration that the shapes, images and charts within the search and as they appear in the search and the size of the address line 12 is bold. And the need to use Equation Mathematical Editor when writing equations in search.

  2. The researcher (or researchers) must provide a summary of his research in both Arabic and English, including the title of the research and the name of the researcher or researchers and their addresses (not to exceed 200 words), writing the keyword for the abstracts and writing the e-mail under the names of the researchers.

  3. The research is organized as follows: Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods of Work, Results and Discussion. The abstract in the second language includes the title of the research, the name of the researcher and his place of work.

  4. A star (*) must be placed in front of the title of the research if the research is based on a thesis or thesis, whether in Arabic or English.

  5. The search is printed on CD (Word 2007) and (PDF).

  6. Refer to the name of the sources contained in the body of the search numbers (1, 2 ....) On the sources page, as mentioned in the search and the need to follow the Harvard style "" Review the magazine to copy a copy of the Harvard style or link http: // guides / c.php? G = 324809 & p = 2178053 in writing sources, taking into account the bold line in writing sources.

  7. The global system of SI units should be used.  Apart from the above rules, the search is researched and not published.