Study of electrical properties for Zinc–Copper ferrite ZnxCu1-xFe2O4

  • Mustufa Ali Abbas Al-Qadisiyah University/ Education College/ Physics Department
Keywords: Spinel Ferrite, electrical properties,, magnetic materials, crystal structure.


     In the search we study of the process to prepare different samples of  ferrite ZnxCu1-xFe2O4 where the x values are (x = 0, 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, 1), were calculated the real part of the dielectric constant (€) and imaginary part (€ ' ) using LCR device it was observed decrease in the real and the imaginary with increase the frequency. Also studied electrical resistivity (Ï) and also found that there is a decrease in values with increasing frequency, were used in the search method of X-ray diffraction to determine the crystal structure for zinc ferrite where by comparing with the card standard ASTM.


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