Collisional Stopping Power for Electron and Positron in Beryllium, Titanium, Krypton, Germanium and Silver

  • Ahlam Habeeb Hussien University of Kufa /College of Education for Girls


        In this study, the electronic stopping power of the falling electrons on the targeted elements (Beryllium, Titanium and Krypton) has been calculated at energy range of [0.01-1000] MeV and the results have been programmed with MATLAB program. The results were compared with the estar program and the results showed that they were well matched with the practical results. In addition, the collisional  stopping power of the falling positrons on the targeted element (Germanium and Silver) also has been studied at the same energy range. The results were compared with the results obtained by M.J. Berger and S.M. Seltzer and showed a good correlation from 0.06 to the end of the range that used.