Effect of some aqueous plants extracts on the viability of protoscolices for Echinococcus granulosus in vitro

  • Mohammed Hassen Fleih Al-Kurayshi Department of Medical Laboratory / Al-Nasiriya Technical Institute/ Southern Technical University


The present study was done to evaluate the effectiveness of the cool aquatic extract of Spinacia oleracea, Ziziphus spina and Citrus aurantifolia on protoscolices viability in vitro. The samples of hydatid cysts collected from sheep, then Calculated the number of protoscolices in one drop. A numbers from concentrations tested per-extract for determined periods. The results of Citrus aurantifolia extract study appeared significant decrease in protoscolices viability percentage reached to 0% at concentrations (15, 20, 50 and 100) mg/ ml after (96, 72, 48and 24) hr. respectively, while results of Ziziphus spina extract showed decrease in viability percentage reached to 0% at concentrations (15, 20) mg/ ml after 96 hr. , whereas the results of Spinacia oleracea extract recorded lower viability percentage (18.35%) at concentration of 20 mg/ ml after 96hr. The results of present study revealed that the aquatic extract of Citrus aurantifolia was more effective in inhibiting the viability of protoscolices  then Ziziphus spina in comparison with control specimen.