Macroanatomical and histological study of kidney in porcupine (Hystrix cristate)

  • Abdularazzaq baqer kadhim Department of Veterinary Anatomy, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq.


   Involve this research grossly and histological study of the kidney of porcupine hystrix cristate. The study was achieved on ten kidneys from five adult (male and female porcupine (hystrix cristate). They were cautiously dissected and introspect after used the chloroform for anesthesia directly. The macroanatomical studies established the two kidneys of porcupine. the kidneys are located in retroperitoneal region in the posterior part of the abdomen on each side of  the  lumber vertebra   .The renal papilla are consider end the outer cortex and inner medulla together as show after anatomical distinct regions of kidney. The indicate width of cortex and medulla of right kidney (5.500±0.371) mm, (5.588±0.180) mm respectively while the indicate width of cortex and medulla of left kidney (5.780±1.792) mm, (5.492±0.205) There is no obvious border between the cortex and medulla. The renal corpuscle is sphere-shaped created of glomerulus, which is consiste of Bowman’s capsule. Proximal complicated thin tubules carctrestic by have widest lumen and internally inside layer by epithelial cells are cuboidal which latent on the basal membrane. This cells described by have ground eosinophile cytoplasm, big center nuclei and the apical surface covered   microvilli. as the epithelial lining of low volute tubules have widespread lumen and cuboidal cells have ground cytoplasm was visibly fewer eosinophilic campier  that of the upper tubules and the apical surface of the distal complicated tubule was discovered by short microvilli.


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