Detection of endoparasites and hematological parameters changes in Gallinula chloropus

  • Lubna abdul-kader Al-Ibrahimi , Khaled Alshaebani and Hind Alshabani Department of Biology, College of Education, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq.


   Gastro-intestinal parasites and blood parameters were examined in thirty five Moorhen birds  Gallinula chloropus  that hunted in different areas in AL-Diwaniya  city  during April –August 2016. Endoparasites were  examined and diagnosed according to classical standard parasitological methods which revealed 57.14% of moorhen bird were infected endoparasite Protozoal infection with higher infection rate 20% then Cestodal infection 14%  and the infection by Nematoda spp and Trematoda spp was 11.42 % respectively. The blood indices related to these parasite intestinal showed significant decrease of RBC count,PCV and Hb concentration, While WBC count increased significantly due to endoparasite infection.


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