Editorial Board

Editor –in- Chief:
Prof. Dr. Dhia Hussain Jassim Al-Delemi / dheyaa.aldulaimi@qu.edu.iq /

AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq.

Editorial Manager:  Asst. Prof. Huda Abd Al-Hadei Ali Al-Nasrawi/ huda.alnassrawei@qu.edu.iq / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq.

Editorial Secretary: Dr. Saad Hashim AL-Husseiny / saad.ghmeiss@qu.edu.iq /

AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq


1- Prof. Dr. Thaier Alwan Abid / thaier.abid@qu.edu.iq / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq

2- Assist. Prof. Dr. Qassim Haleem Kshash / qassim.kshash@qu.edu.iq / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq

3- Assist. Prof. Dr. AlFatlawi M.A.A. / Monaaier.abd@qu.edu.iq / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq

4- Assist. Prof. Dr. Ahmed Neama / ahmed.neamah@qu.edu.iq / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq

5- Assist. Prof. Dr. Khalid Mohammed Karam / khalad.karam@qu.edu.iq / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq

6- Assist. Prof. Dr. Abbas Daham / abbas.daham@qu.edu.iq  / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq

7- Ali H. D. Janabi / ali.janabi@qu.edu.iq / AL-Qadisiyah University, Iraq

8- Prof. Dr. Kenneth Harrington McKeever / mckeever@sebs.rutgers.edu /

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, The United States of America

9- Prof. Dr. Yelena Ivanovna Anisimova / anis-zoo@yandex.ru / Belarus

10- Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abd Al-Raheem / unarc2000@hotmail.com  /Egypt

11- Prof. Dr. Tayseer Ismail Mohammed Ismail   / tayseerai@yahoo.com /Egypt


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