2015 Vol. 14 No. 1

AL-Qadisiya Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences (2015) Vol.14, No.1

Contents of Arabic Researches                                                                             المحتويات
عزل وتشخيص الطفيليات الخارجية ودراسة تأثيراتها الدموية في الدجاج المنزلي في محافظة بغداد   1-6
ايناس جواد فياض الدليمي  ، عامر مرحم عبد العامري
قياس بعض المعادن الثقيلة في الديدان المعوية المتطفلة في نوعين من الاسماك في محافظة الديوانية   7-13
عاصفة مطرود ياسين  ، هادي مدلول حمزة
دراسة نسيجية لجلد الأغنام المحلية  14-19
مها عبد الهادي ، نجاح هاشم المحنة  ، عدنان وحيد البديري
الكشف والتعرف على الأنماط المصلية للسالمونيلا في عينات براز من الخيول في محافظة بغداد 20-23
فيصل غازي حباشة ، طه ياسين غني ، رياض عبد الستار ، سندس هادي سلطان

Contents of English Researches
Detection of Giardiasis in apparently healthy cattle by using direct ELISA technique   1-3
Heba Shehab Ahmed, and Noaman Naji A’aiz
Study the effect of green tea extract on lipid profile in nitrate treated rabbits   4-9
Hayder G. A. AL-fatlawi and Hayder A. N. AL- Zamely
Estimation the alkaline phosphatase (ALP) level in partial hepatectomy rabbits  10-14
Humam H. Nazht, Nabeel. Abdul-Rahman AL-Keledar and Abeer Ahmed Majeed
Prevalence of coccidiosis in local breed rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus) in Baghdad province  15-21
Athraa Toma Khider, Haider M. A. Al-Rubaie and Farouk Jummah Khalil
Rapid detection of infectious bronchitis virus in broilers in Al-Diwaniya governorate by using Real-Time reverse transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction   22-26
Abbas Hadi Jasim Al-Mahmoudi and Nafea S. Jasim
Some molecular and sero – prevalence study of Anaplasma marginale in cattle in Wassit province   27-33
Ola Abd-El Hussain Agaar and Ghyda’a Abbas Jassem
Rapid detection of Yersinia enterocolitica by using Real-Time PCR technique in some types of foods in Al-Qadisiya province   34-38
Kadhim H. Abbas
The effect of running at many speeds on some synovial fluid constituents in Iraqi Arabian horses  39-43
Amir Ibrahim Towfik
Study the pathogenicity of Enterobacter cloacae in rats that isolated from diarrheatic buffalos calves in Babylon province   44-48
Abdul-kareem Salman Al-Yassari
Behavioral, hormonal, and testicular histological study to evaluate the effect of season on mating in local breed free housing tom cats in Al-Diwaniya city   49-53
Ali H. Jaber AL-bdeery
RAPD-PCR based genetic variation of Candida albicans of animal and human origin  54-57
Hayder Mahmood Ali Samaka
Prevalence of toxoplasmosis in renal infections patients in Al-Muthanna province/ Iraq 58-60
Mohenned A. Hemza AlSaadawi, and Mansoor Jadaan Ali Alkhaled
A comparison of gravid uterine parameters of local breed ewes between single and twin pregnancies in different gestational stages   61-64
Hella J. Al-Fatlawy
The effect of pregnancy and lactation on blood biochemical and immunological values in ewes after enterotoxaemia vaccination   65-68
Basim H. Abed Ali
Hematological and biochemical changes following Ivermectin treatment in mange infested goats  69-74
Batool Kathem Habeeb
Prevalence of Rota virus, Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Cryptosporidium spp. in feces of buffalo in Babil governorate   75-79
Amanee Mohammad Radhy
Comparative anatomical and histological study of the esophagus of local adult male and female homing pigeon (Columba livia domestica)   80-87
Khalid Hadi Kadhim, and Ahmed Adeeb Mohamed
Effects of sub lethal doses of endosulfan on histopathological and biochemical parameters of common carp (Cyprinus carpio)   88-94
Mohanad obayes abdullah AL-jubouri
Laparoscopic colotomy suture using clips and Connell techniques in goats: A comparative study  95-103 
Rafid H. Farman, and Mohammad J. Eesa
Study the association between Enterobius vermicularis infection and enuresis among children in Al-Najaf city   104-108
Huda A S Al-Shadoo
Effect of Punica granatum rinds ethanolic extract on healing of fungated wounds in rabbits 109-117
Muna H. AL-Saeed, Rasha M. Othman and Arwa H. AL-Saeed
Histomorphological and morphometrical comparative study of the kidney between Quail (Conturnix coturni) and Green-winged Teal (Anas crecca) according to their environment type   118-126
Ali faidh Baragoth
Detection of hemolysin virulence factor gene of Enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli (EHEC) isolated from feces of infected sheep by using Polymerase Chain Reaction Technique   127-131
Saba Aboud Ali
Evaluation the clinical effects of neuroleptanalgesia (remifentanil-acepromazine, remifentanil-xylazine, and remifentanil-midazolam) during intubation and some minor surgical operations in dogs   132-138
Samir Aoda Jaffar, and Ayad Abed-Al-Jabbar Amin