2016 Vol. 15 No. 1

AL-Qadisiya Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences (2016) Vol.15, No.1

Contents of Arabic Researches                                                                          المحتويات

تأثير اضافة مستويات مختلفة من زيت السمسم الى العليقة في الصفات النوعية للبيض لدجاج اللومان البني    1-7

مراد كاظم محمد الفضلي ، نهاد عبد اللطيف علي

عزل وتشخيص فيروس جدري الاغنام باستخدام تقنية تفاعل البلمرة المتسلسل     8-13

فنار ابلحد اسحق ، مزاحم ياسين العطار

تحضير لقاح حي مضعف  لجدري الاغنام من العزلة المحلية     14-19

فنار ابلحد اسحق ، مزاحم ياسين العطار

تأثير استخدام حليب الابل على مستوى الحديد والكلوكوز والسيريلوبلازمين في ذكور الارانب المحلية المتناولة الافلاتوكسين  في غذاءها     20-25

زيد موفق عبد الكريم ، سعاد عبد الامير الجشعمي

Contents of English Researches

Effect of some feed additives against toxicity induced by aflatoxin contaminated diet in broiler 1-7

Shaimaa Abdulradha Makki, Alaa AbdulAziz Abed

Detection of mouse spermatocyte’s DNA damage in vitro and in vivo using FISH assay 8-12

Muna Sachit Hashim Al-Aamery, Khalil Hassan Zenad Al-jeboori

Outer membrane protein C (ompC) gene as target for diagnosis of Salmonella spp. using polymerase chain (PCR) reaction 13-17

Alaa  Abdel-Kadhim  Jawad, Alaa Hani Al-Charrakh, Hashim Raheem Tarish

Effect of feeding lysine and methionine on some production performance and blood picture parameter of broiler chickens 18-21

Afrah Abdul Wahed

Evaluation of using Polyfam on broiler performance during mycotoxicosis 22-28

Furkan Sabbar AL-Araji, Igor  Gromov N.

Isolation of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and molecular detection of bla-OXA gene of the bacteria from milk of mastitis cattle and from the wounds of the udder   29-33

Zeena Fouad Saleh, Bassima Jassim Mohamed, Mohammad Sabri Jawad

Sero-prevalence of Chlamydophila abortus in goat farms in Duhok Province-Iraq 34-37

Farhad B. Mikaeel, Zanan M. A. Taha, Lokman T. Omer

The effects of ciprofloxacin on male rabbits: Biochemical and histopathological study 38-44

Ahlam A. AL-Rikaby, Rashad Fadhil Ghadhban, Saleh K. Majeed

Clinical and hematological study of experimentally induced secondary copper deficiency in sheep 45-50

Nawras K. Al-Nakeeb, Abdul Munaf H.Judi, Asaad Jassim

Investigation for bacterial causes of superficial abscesses in Iraqi goats 51-53

Bashar Sadeq Nomi

Detection of white mice intestinal immune response against the external surface of Hymenolepis nana by scanning electron microscope 54-57

Jasim Hameed Taher

Anatomical parameters of head and neck with referring to their conformation of local Arabian horses 58-69

Ahmed Kadhim Munahi

Effect of breed, sex, and age, on hooves conformation in local Iraqi Arabian horses 70-76

Abdul-Satar Salman Hamza

An investigation of Babesia spp. in goats in AL-Qadisiya province 77-80

Noora Salah Abdul-Hassan, Mansour Jadaan Ali

The effect of low level laser therapy on bone healing in male rats 81-95

Afraah Mutleq Ehnaiesh, Thaier Alwan Abid

Measuring of serum pepsinogens level in abomasal lesions of sheep 96-100

Sabah Noori, Asaad Jassim

Prevalence of efflux genes and chromosomal protection protein genes among tetracycline resistant Aeromonas spp. isolated from diarrheic patients in Iraq 101-108

Lubna Abed Al-Muttalib, Alaa Hani Al-Charrakh

A comparative anatomical and histological study of the tongue and lingual papillae in adult Awassi rams (Ovis ovis) and Billy-goat (Capra hircus) 109-117

Khalid H. Kadhim

In vivo antibacterial activity of whey protein derived from fermented milk of Iraqi buffalo 118-122

Moshtaq Talip Al-Mohanna, Eman M. Jarallah , Abdulla Kadum Hindi

The protective effect of vitamins A, D3 and E on testicular damage induced by ketoconazole in male mice 123-133

Rafid Muhammed Ali, Ahmed Thaier Alwan, Mpheed  Qasim Mohammed

Detection of E. coli isolated from cheese by using virulence factors by PCR technique in AL-diwaniyia city 134-138

Asseel Abdulridha Saeed

Isolation and identification of Melissococcus plutonius from European foulbrood infected beehives and in vivo using of oxytetracycline for treatment 139-144

Hameedah Hamzah Al-Ahbabi

Molecular study to detection and genotyping of Entamoeba spp. in cattle and sheep 145-151

Musafer Hindi Alardi, Ghaidaa Abbas Jasim

Frequency and distribution of the enteroendocrine cells in small and large intestine of one humped camel (Camelus dromedaries) 152-159

Suha Rassol AL-Bdyry,  Miran Abed Al-Ameer Alrammahi

Ultrasonographic anatomy of the goat eye 160-164

Sameer Ahmed Abid Al-Redah