2014 Vol. 13 No. 2

AL-Qadisiya Journal of Veterinary Medicine Sciences (2014) Vol.13, No.2

Contents of Arabic Researches                                                                             المحتويات
دراسة نسيجية للرئتين في الدجاج المحلي 1-4
ايمان ابراهيم الحجام ، نهى شاكر
تأثير الأضافة الغذائية لخميرة الخبز الجافة الى العليقة في بعضِ صفات دم طيور السمان الياباني 5-10
زاهرة عبد الجبار الزهيري
دراسة التغيرات المرضية النسجية لبعض الاعضاء الداخلية للقطط المصابة بطفيلي المقوسة الكوندية 11-15
خديجة عبيس حمود الخالدي ، خيري عبد الله العكيلي ، هادي مدلول الميالي
تقـدير مستويات الكادمـيوم والرصاص في الحليب الخـام للأبقـار والأغنام والماعـز في محافظـة القادسيـة 16-22
كريـم ناصـر طاهر ، عليـاء حســن علي

Contents of English Researches
Mycotic mastitis in sheep 1-4
Biader Husain Hassan, Qassim Haleem Kshash, and SadiyhaYasir Offi
Prevalence of Theileriosis in sheep in Wasit province 5-8
Yas A. Dhaim and Noaman N. A’aiz
Diagnosis of avian tuberculosis in a poultry farm in Wassit province (Case report) 9-13
S. K. Majeed, B. A. Al-Sereah and F. Z. Hamza
Some epidemiological features of BCoVs infection in Al-Qadisiya province by using real time-qPCR technique 14-19
Khetam Qaid Mayee and Mohsen Abid Nema Alrodhan
Detection of bovine rotavirus in diarrheic calves by using rapid test in some Mid-Euphrates provinces 20-26
Hahmed Abass Hassan, Qassim Haleem Kshash and Kalefa Ali Mansur
Seroprevalence and molecular detection of Bovine Parainfluenza-3 Virus (BPI-3V) 27-32
Lina Shaheed AL-abudy and Mohsen Abed Nema Alrodhan
Effect of fenugreek (Trigonella foenum-graecum) on experimentally induced diabetes mellitus in male rabbits 33-38
Nadia Abdulkarim Salih
Babesiosis of small ruminants in Sulaimani city Kurdistan – Iraq 39-43
Shadan Hassan Abdullah and Aram Ahmad Mohammed
The hematological and clinical changes in rabbits exposed to powder of dried leaves of (Lantana camara) under experimental conditions 44-49
Nazar Jabbar Al-Khafaj and Raad Mahmood Al-Zubaedi
Advance techniques in traumatic reticuloperitonitis diagnosis: review 50-57
Faisal G. Habasha and Shaimaa N. Yassein
Detection of bovine tuberculosis in Wasit city by the use of comparative intradermal tuberculin test and antigen rapid bovine TB Ab test 58-62
Jenan Mahmood Kalaf, Asaad Jaseb Salbouk and Sufian Saleh Salman
Enhancing Achilles tendon healing by using autologous bone marrow in rabbits 63-70
Areeg Kamil Mahdi, Mohammad Jawad Eesa and Oumar Husain Khalaf
Histopathological study of chronic livers Fascioliasis of cattle in Sulaimani abattoir 71-80
Nabil AM Salmo, Snur MA Hassan and Azad K Saeed
Histomorphological investigations of the stomach of wild adult male Rabbits (Oryctolagus cuniculus f. domestica) in AL-Najaf province 81-88
Aqeel Mohsin Mahdi AL-Mahmodi
Relationship among clinical mastitis, vitamin E and selenium in Awassi ewes 89-93
Moayad J. Abed, Abdul Munaf H. Juidi and Wasan A. Gharbi
Role of autologous platelets rich plasma in treatment of experimentally induced Achilles tendonitis in rabbits 94-99
Khairia Kadim Al-Kadi
Anatomical investigations of the syrinx (voice box) of the adult male West African guinea fowl (Numida meleagris galeata ) in the AL-Najaf AL-Ashraf province  100-105
Abdulla Aaid Hade AL-Bishtue
Comparative study on the biological effect of Trigonella foenum graecum (Fenugreek) and Lupinus termis in diabetic albino rats 106-112
Laila Eltayeb Taha, Siham M. A. Bakhit, Jabbar A.A.Al-Sa’aidi and Abu Baker O. Uro
The anti-hyperglycemic effect of Solenostemma argel compared with Glibenclamide 113-117
Laila Eltayeb Taha, Siham M. A. Bakhit, Jabbar A.A.Al-Sa’aidi and Abu Baker O. Uro
Detection of gastrointestinal parasite infection of sheep and goats in Diyala Province-Iraq 118-123
Tareq Rifaat Minnat
The effect of aqueous extract of green tea (Camellia sinensis) on liver enzymes of experimentally induced diabetes mellitus in mature female rabbits 124-128
Maher M.S.ALardy and Hayder A.N.Alzamely
In vitro study on H9 avian influenza cytopathic effect in Al-Najaf Al-Ashraf /Iraq 129-136
Khalida K. Abbas Al-Kelaby, Haider Mansour Kadhim and Muna Hashim Ghazzay
Comparison of the anesthetic effect of paracetamol, tramadol, ketamine, xylazine, combination in three anesthetic protocols by using two different administration routes in sheep 137-145
Ali Ismail Jassim and Thaier Alwan Abid
The percutaneous effect of black seed (Nigella sativa) oil as external topical treatment on bone healing in rabbits 146-154
E’atelaf A. Al-Mutheffer



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