Ministry of Higher Education issues an explanation regarding the mechanisms of education in undergraduate and postgraduate studies

According to the decision of the Iraqi Cabinet no. 158 of the year 2021, the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces the adoption of e-learning mechanisms in undergraduate studies except for the final year in the faculties of medicine, dentistry and nursing, where studies continue according to the integrated mode of education that covers the in-person attendance required for the practical side of the study, and it is going to be two days a week.

Despite the changes in the emergency health situation, the Ministry is committed to and continues to take into account the timing of the university calendar in undergraduate and postgraduate studies, and confirms in this regard that the mechanism adopted in postgraduate studies will be electronic during the days of total curfew along the second semester of the current year 2020/2021.

Department of Relations and Media

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

May 6, 2021

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