An Approach to Compute the Multi-Objective Programming Problem Under Triangular Fuzzy Numbers

  • Rasha Jalal Mitlif Branch of Mathematics and Computer Applications, Department of Applied Sciences, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Multi- objective function (MOF),, Triangular fuzzy number (TrFN),, Fractional programming problems (FrPP), Linear Programming Problem (LnPP), Simplex method (SM).


The most important one advantages of the operation research (OR) theory is displayed of this paper for tackling multi-objective function programming problems (MOFPP).  In this study, we present an approach for multi-objective fractional programming problems (MOFrPP) using fuzzy numbers (FN) coefficients in the objective functions (OF). The objective functions' (OF) parameters are all considered to be fuzzy triangular fuzzy numbers (FTrFN). This problem's multi-objective function (MOF) case was resolved by transforming the MOF to a linear programming problem (LnPP) that could be resolved using the simplex method (SM). The problem is being solved using algorithms. Then the value is compared with a result, which obtained by simplex method (SM). These techniques are illustrated with numerical examples (NE). This study shows the reliability of our methods and their utility to this specific set of multi-objective functions (MOF).


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