A gene-base DBMS

  • Hadeel Noori Kufa University, college of education for girls, Computer Department
  • Hanan A. Technical Institute in Najaf ,Computer Department
  • Wegdan A. Technical Institute in Najaf, Computer Department


    The task of the query optimizer is to accept as input a tree of relational algebra operators and to produce a query execution plan. This plan specifies exactly which operations should be performed, in which order. Algebra space can express the solution space, whereas a good search algorithm can finding an optimal solution. In this work a genetic algorithm with two crossover strategies will be tested on a B+ tree sorted database example and nested loop join strategy. The results show that using M2S crossover with left-deep strategy will give better solutions. 


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Noori, H., A., H., & A., W. (2017). A gene-base DBMS. Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 1(1), 214-223. Retrieved from https://qu.edu.iq/journalcm/index.php/journalcm/article/view/187
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