Wireless Telecommunications uprising though 4G Long Term Evolution (LTE)

  • Ali Abdul Hussien Abdul Wahed Computer Department Collage of Education for Girls Kufa University


          Due to the high importance of the scientific research in Iraq and its subject’s modernity which must involve the newest technologies in the research process, this research presenting the Long Term Evolution (LTE) which is the latest and most up-to-date wireless technology from the fourth wireless telecommunications generation (4G) in wide world. The major advantage of this technology is providing in one hand a very secure, reliable and competitive/cheap telecommunications prices with many multi-media features and variant services to the end user and in other hand less establishing cost for the operator and wider coverage. In order to demonstrate LTE standers key features; an overview of telecommunications generations evolution along the last decade will presented with definition for 4G aspects in addition to list its most important goal and its performance target, then the light will be spotted on the LTE technical specifications and their advantages.


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