Image Compression By Using Enhanced Fractal Methods

  • Tawfiq A. Al-Assadi
  • Zena Hussain Khalil


        Fractal image compression give some advantage in compression ratio, resolution independence and fast decompression but it still suffer from encoding time, In this paper an enhanced to traditional algorithm based on using zero-mean method is applied, where a mean of range block is used instead of offset parameter which simplify and speeding up encoding time, also a domain pool is reduction by filtration a domain pool from those block with high entropy value. In addition to discard domain blocks which have some distance ratio from matching process ,An another speeding up technique where proposed in this paper  based on suggest  simple symmetry  predictor  to reduce isometric trails from 8 to 1 trail. In this project the RGB image is transformed to YIQ color space and then the I&Q band have been down sampled in order to get effective compression, after that the encoding algorithm is applied separately on each band.


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