Bornological Transformation Group

  • Farah J. Sadiq Department of Mathematics, Colleges of computer science and mathematics, Tikrit university, Tikrit , Iraq
  • Hassan H. Ibrahimb Department of Mathematics, Colleges of computer science and mathematics, Tikrit university,Tikrit, Iraq
  • Anwar N. Imran Department of math. faculty of science, university Diyala, Diyala , Iraq
Keywords: Bornological set, Bornological group, Bounded set, Bounded map, Group action


In this paper, the researcher recalls the definitions of bornological set & bornological group and gives some examples in detalis. Additionally, the primary goal of this research is to introduce bornological transformation group, which are formulated on bornological group acts on bornological set. We observe that in the bornological transformation group bornological set can be partitioned into orbits. The main important part was that, researcher shows that the bornological transformation group is bornological isomorphism.


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Sadiq, F., Ibrahimb, H., & Imran, A. (2021). Bornological Transformation Group. Journal of Al-Qadisiyah for Computer Science and Mathematics, 13(4), Math Page 1-.
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