Passport Photo Compression: A Review

  • Marwa B. AL-Obaidi Dept. of Computer Science, College of Science, University of Baghdad, IRAQ
  • Ghadah K. AL-Khafaji Dept. of Computer Science, College of Science, University of Baghdad, IRAQ
Keywords: passport photo,, compression techniques,, lossy/lossless,, segmentation


The demand for electronic -passport photo ( frontal facial) images has grown rapidly. It now extends to Electronic Government (E-Gov) applications such as social benefits driver's license, e-passport, and e-visa . With the COVID 19 (coronavirus disease ), facial (formal) images are becoming more widely used and spreading quickly, and are being used to verify an individual's identity, but unfortunately that comes with insignificant details of constant background which leads to huge byte consumption that affects storage space and transmission, where the optimal solution that aims to curtail data size using compression techniques that based on exploiting image redundancy(s) efficiently.


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