Seroprevalence of Coxiella burnetii among goats in Nassiriyia city-Iraq

  • J.A. Gati Vet.Med.& Preventive – Vet. hospital /Thi-Qar


The aim of this study is detecting antibodies of Coxiella burnetii bacterium, the cause of Q-fever, a zoonotic disease in humans and animals in Thi-Qar province. Out of 93 serum samples collected randomly from Nasiriyah city from adult goats submitted to ELISA(Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) technique. The results revealed that 8 (8.6%) samples of goats were seropositive for Coxiella burnetii bacterium.  The results of the current
study, adopted next point of reference for studies on the disease both at the level of the Province of Dhi Qar or at the level of Iraq. The study recommends an extensive study include disease diagnosis using polymerase chain reaction and also recommends that the importation of laboratory tests for the diagnosis of rheumatic fever unknown in humans and animals