Immunological alterations with otitis infection in man and mice

  • Abdalnabi J. abid Coll. of Sci. for women /Unive. of Babylon


Otitis infection rates showed a noticeable difference with ages ,habitate and
immunological state of individuals , many types of bacteria precipitate in otitis infection ,
Streptococcus pneumonia formed the most abundant of them ( 20 isolates , ), Pseudomonas
aeroginosa Staphylococcus aureus , Bacillus subtilis and also formed an important causes of
infection . Otitis media induce the immuns response of patient , antibody levels raised during
infection periods, phagocytic index enhanced also with infection. Intranasal application of
otitis bacterial isolates to whit mice improved infection and consider mice as amodel for
infection , otitis infection in mice identified bacteriologic ally in addition to gross examination
of ear inflammation and discharge . Immune response of otitis infected animals induced ,
phagocytosis and antibody levels increased with infection .