Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board of the journal

1. Dr. Fadhil Hussein Al-Sahaf Agriculture / Dean of the College of Kufa.
2. Prof. Saad Abdul Hussein Naji Agriculture / Qadisiyah Dean of the College.
3. Dr. Mahdi Ibrahim return of Agriculture / Baghdad, Iraqi Prime Soil Science Society.
4.Prof. Dr. Khalaf Salman Isa Agriculture / Baghdad, Associate Dean of Scientific.
5. Prof. Dr. Alaa Hussein Idan Agriculture / Kufa Associate Dean administrative.
6. Prof Abbas Mahdi Jassim Agriculture / Basra teaching.
7. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Amer Fayad Agriculture / Basra teaching.
8. Prof. Dr. Sadeq Naji Gazan Agriculture / Dhi Qar teaching.
9.Prof. Dr. Tariq Okla Hdros Agriculture / Dhi Qar teaching.

Members of the Advisory Board of outside the country

1. Prof. Dr. Radi Kazim Obaid Rashidi Hashemite University / Jordan / College of Natural Resources and Environment.
2. d. Hussein Alwan Roudhan Research fellow / research institute management and monitoring / Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation / Malaya / 50,603 / University of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

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