The Effect of Photoperiod on Milk Production, Its Components and Some Blood Parameters in Improved Awassi ewes

  • Natik H. AL-Kuds College of Agriculture , University of Baghdad
  • S. A. Taha Agriculture of Researches / Ministry of Agriculture/Iraq
  • N.Y. Aboo Agriculture of Researches / Ministry of Agriculture/Iraq
  • M. N. Abdullah Agriculture of Researches / Ministry of Agriculture/Iraq
Keywords: Improved Awassi Sheep, Photoperiod, Milk Production


This study is carried out to investigate the effect of the light period on milk yield and its components as well as on some blood parameters, in Alrashiedia Animal Farm, Directorate of Agricultural Researches, Ministry of Agriculture on 24 improved Awassi ewes in 2nd and 3rd lactation from 20/11/2011 to 29/1/2012. The ewes are randomly divided into 3 groups; 1st group is 24h:0  h. (light : dark) exposed to light period,  the2nd  8h:16 h. of light period , while 3rd group 16h:8 h.. All ewes allocated on the same concentrate and roughages ration  in addition to 5 kg / hd / day green alfalfa. Milk yield is recorded every 10 days after separation of suckling lambs from their mothers for 12 hours (9 pm to 9 am). Blood sample are taken three time (at the begging , Middle and end of the study) to calculate : total protein, albumin, globulins, cholesterol, and triglyceride. The results show that there is no significant effect of light period on milk production, the total amount of milk through the recorded periods for the three group are 10652.0,10021.0 and 11986.78gm/hd .There is no significant effect on the  milk component. The  blood parameters are not affected by the light :dark change . It can be concluded that the change in the light :dark  period does not alter milk yield and some blood parameters in this study.


القدسي ، ناطق حميد ، نزار إسماعيل خليل، هادي جعفر هادي ، حارث كاظم شياع و نمير إسماعيل سعيد . (2011 ) .
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