The Effect of Organic Fertilizer and Nitrogen Fertilizer on the Growth of Wheat Growing in Salt Soil

  • H. H. Al-Alawy College of Agriculture , University of Diyala
  • B. R. Al-Bandawy College of Agriculture , University of Diyala
Keywords: Organic Fertilizer, Nitrogen, Wheat, Salinity


Field experiment is conducted at the college of Agriculture - University of Diyala to study the effect of two factors : organic fertilizerand nitrogen fertilizer on the grow and productivity of wheat that grow in salt soil (10 dS m-1), two levels of organic fertilizer were used(2 and 4 t h-1 ) and three levels of nitrogen were used(0, 50 and 100 kg h-1). Result showthat both of organic fertilizer and nitrogen levels have significantly effect on agronomy and productivity attributes of wheat, interaction between the second level of organic fertilizer and the third level of nitrogen is the best result in plant height 75.9 cm, tillers 7.1, flag leaf area 31.4 cm2, dry weight of shoot 365 g, spike weight 3.36 g, number of spikes/ m2 203, number of seeds in the spike 36.9 and the weight of 100 seeds 11.22 g are significantly differences in other treatments.


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