The Effect of Irrigative Quality Water by Addition Various Acids of Growth and Wheat Total (Triticum aestivum)

  • Evan A. Al-Khafaji College of Agriculture , University of Al-Qadisiyah
Keywords: Water Quality, Wheat, KSC, Potassium Humate


An experiment has been conducted to study the effect of the quality of irrigation water quality and festination with Potassium and KSC in wheat (Triticum aestivum) cv Moelhu growth productivity. Eight treatments were applied ; irrigation with river water , drainage water , river water plus Potassium humate , river water plus KSC , river water plus Potassium humate plus KSC , drainage water plus Potassium humate , drainage water plus KSC , drainage water plus Potassium humate plus KSC . The treatments are put in completely randomized design with three replications . The parameters measured included ; plant height , spike length , total chlorophyll in SPAD , biological yield , grain yield , harwst index and NPK leaves content . The results show outweigh the treatment of river, the added organic matter type Slphoric acid and type Potassium humateas compared with the other proportion like the rate of chlorophyll in the leaves, while not it's significantly different from the treatment by drainage water that added organic matter to both previous properties, but it's significantly different as compared with it by plant height feature . and  the drainage water excelled with added two types of organic matter in the character of the length of the tufts compared with the comparison treatment and treatment of river water that the added matter of both two types of organic material that are used in the experiment.


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