Blood groupsdistribution & its relationship with bleeding time and clotting time

  • Huda Jabbar Dibby College of Medicine / University of AL-Qadisiyah


The study carried out on 265 of 2nd year MBchB healthy student in the department of physiology ,collage of medicine in Al-Qadisiya university The study achieved from September 2011 to December 2013, including 265 students ,out of which were 169 females & 96 males. With age range (19- 21 years). Determination of blood group was done for all students and then bleeding& clotting time was determined for each student, it was founded that blood group B was more predominant than other groups among the students, and the clotting & bleeding time was more prolonged in those with blood group O as compared with others , also the female was showing to have prolong clotting & bleeding time than male students.