Estimation of Peripheral Retinal degenerations in myopia.

  • Haider Aswad Layikh College of medicine -Al-Qadisiyah University


Purpose: The purpose of this study is to estimate the peripheral retinal degenerations rate in myopic subjects, and compare the results between different degrees of myopia.
Methods: subjects with different degrees of myopia who attended the consultations in Al-Diwaniya teaching hospital during the period from 1st Dec. 2014 to 1st of March 2015 got involved in this study, they were examined and peripheral retinal degeneration assessed and recorded.
Results: The study included 237 patients with a mean age of 41.93 ±13.16 years and an age range of 18-65 years. Male patients accounted for 131 (55.3%) whereas female patients accounted for 106 (44.7%) with a male to female ratio of 1.24: 1. Mean refraction was -4.72 ± -3.05 D and ranged from -18.1 to -1.1 D. lattice degeneration was found in 64 patients (27.0%), while snail track degeneration was found in 11 patients (4.6%), results showed no significant relation between age, gender with the incidence of peripheral retinal degenerations while its clearly increasing in incidence with increasing degree of myopia .
Conclusion: The incidence of peripheral retinal degeneration is more in high myopia subjects , although Low& moderate myopic subject still have considerable rate of peripheral retinal degeneration