The Outcome of Varicocelectomy on Sperm Parameters in Subfertile Men with Clinical Varicoceles Who Have Asthenozoospermia and or Teratozoospermia with Normal Sperm Count

  • Mohammed Ali Ghadhban Department of Urology, Al-Diwaniya Teaching Hospital
  • Ahmed Abdulameer Alwan Department of Urology, Al-Diwaniya Teaching Hospital
Keywords: varicocele, primary infertility, General Anaesthesia


Design Of Study: prospective study.
Duration: From 2014 to 2015
Setting: Department of Urology, AL-Diwaniya teaching Hospital, Infertility clinic.
Patients & Methods: Over a period of one year hundred (100) patients with varicocele associated with male infertility over a 3-years period were included in this study. Pre- and postvaricocelectomy seminal fluid parameters evaluation according to the World Health Organization (WHO) criteria was performed at 6-month intervals.General anesthesia was given to all patients.
One hundred patients met the criteria their age range from 25 to 45 years with a mean age of 32± 3 years. The mean duration of infertility was 3years (range: 1.5–6).). Only the sperm motility of patients with normospermia showed a significant improvement postoperatively
No significant improvement in sperm morphology may be obtained in
patients with clinical varicocele and preoperative normospermia.