Value of carotid Doppler ultrasound and brain CT scan in ischemic stroke

  • Ammar Muslem Kadhim Alrubaye DMRD .Alamal National hospital for cancer management
  • Huda Ali -Hussaini Department of radiology , College of Medicine . Babylon University
  • Hashim Hassan al-timimi DMRD Alrumaitha general hospital
  • Wasan Ismail Al-Saadi Department of radiology , College of Medicine . Al-Nahrain University
Keywords: Stroke,, Carotid gray scale, Carotid Doppler, head CT scan


Sonographic evaluation of the carotid arteries, both gray scale and Doppler is widely used for risk assessment for cerebrovascular accidents .This study was conducted to assess the state of carotid vessels in patients with acute ischemic stroke by assessing intima-media thickness of common carotid , internal carotid stenosis with the size of ischemic area that diagnosed by using computed tomography . : A total of 68 patient with stroke (21 females , 47 males) were assesed, Gray scale & Doppler US of the ipsilateral carotid arteries performed , measurement of IMT of CCA , the presence of any plaque recorded , the diameter reduction measurement PSV & EDV of the CCA & ICA . 36 patient have no stenosis (52.94%), 32 remaining patient have different degree of stenosis (47.05%),as follow .19 patient have mild stenosis (H1)(59.37%), 9 patient have moderate stenosis (H2)(28.12%) , 4 patient have sever stenosis(H3)(12.5%).40 patient showed increased IMT (58.82%), 28 patient had normal IMT (41.17%).42 patients are smokers (61.76%),So increased intimal media thickness of common carotid artery is associated with stroke .Large size ischemic stroke are more associated with high degree of internal carotid artery stenosis ,There is a significant relation between atheromatous plaque and size of brain infarction