Outcome of Abdominoplasty after one year post-operative

  • Salih Al-Baaj Al-Diwanyiah teaching hospital


Background :

            The majority of patients that have been underwent abdominoplasty show lasting weight loss after one year. This long term weight loss may be related to many factors, but the most obvious cause is the increase in satiety feelings full after eating. Many questions remain controversial about the permanent weight reduction.


Methods :

          A retrospective study included those patients underwent abdominoplasty and we attempted to determine the most factor associated with weight loss. This study started between April 1999 to June 2010, it includes 40 patients underwent abdominoplasty at general and private hospitals. From the original 40 patients, 18 could not be contact for the follow up interview and thus were excluded from the results of the study. Other 2 patients were also excluded from the analysis because of their pregnancy in the postoperative years. Of the remaining 20 patients (4 males and 16 females), from them 2 patients had previously underwent bariatric surgery but those were included in our results. Those 20 patients ranged in age from 25 to 55 years.



All patients in this study that undergoing abdominoplasty had weight loss beyond that of their resected pannus, with minimum body mass index reach (18 + 2 weeks) after surgery. The weight loss is due to the increase in satiety by 75% (number = 15). A preoperative basal metabolic index greater than 24.5 K/m² can be used to predict the long term weight loss with sensitivity and specificity 95% and 85% respectively.


Obese patients performed abdominoplasty with basal metabolic index greater than 24.5 Kg/m², appear to be more liable to lose weight after one year from the time of the operation. This is due to the increased satiety seen in many our patients is related to the changes in the neuroendocrine system. The removal of fat cells from the abdomen may leads to reduce the level of the hormones affecting appetite, which are secreted by fatty tissues. Sustained weight loss was also related more likely to greater amount of excess abdominal tissue removed.