Comparison study stapled versus Hand sewn method for small bowel anastomosis surgery

  • Waleed Faris anoon Al-Diwanyiah teaching hospital
  • Raheem khudhair khaddim
  • Ahmed abdshnein kadhem Al-Diwanyiah teaching hospital


Intestinal anastomosis is one of the most commonly performed procedure it is required to re-establish gastrointestinal continuity after surgical resection , traumatic disruption or bypass procedure.

Since the second half of the 20th century , mechanical suture (stapler) has been in use and became a popular method in bowel anastomosis.

Our study involved the comparing of the postoperative outcome between hand sewn anastomosis(HS) and stapled anastomosis(SA) for patients with trauma cases in emergency and elective cases .mainly in the view of duration of operation , postoperative hospitalization time , fistula formation rate , morbidity and mortality .

There were no significant differences between  SA group and HS group in operative indication or other parameters.

In both emergency and elective intestinal surgery comparable results can be achieved using mechanical and manual anastomosis with the same outcome and no significant differences found only in the duration of the operation.