New parasites of local duck recorded in Iraq with histopathological study

  • N. Q. M. Al-Labban Coll. of Vet. Med. / Univ. of Al-Qadisiyah


This study was conducted to determine endoparasites in local ducks in Al-Diwaniya province. A total of 80 birds were collected from different areas of Al-Diwaniya city. Examination of the internal organs and fecal samples revealed the infection of (47.5%) of total examined birds with parasites. These parasites involved three specieses recorded as first time in Iraq which were the nematode Hystrichis tricolour with percentage of infection (10%), trematode Tracheophilus cymbium with prevalence (7.5%) and protozoa Wenyonella philiplevinei (3.75%). Many histopathological changes were noticed in the internal organs due to parasitic infections. The histological sections from proventriculas show irregular arrangement of cells and increase the empty spaces among the cells of glands, also sections from lung show caseous necrosis and cellular oedema full most alveoli in the lung with infiltration of inflammatory cells and mucous discharge in the lumen of bronchioles, in cecum histological section reveal destruction of villi with desquamation of epithelial cells lining villi and infiltration of inflammatory cells (eosinophil) in sub mucosa.