Comparative study of the conformational parameters head and neck traits in Holstein and local breeds of dairy cattle

  • Muslim F. Diwan Department of Veterinary Surgery and Obstetrics, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Al-Qadisiyah, Iraq.


The objective of this study was to compare the morphological traits of the head and neck in Holstein and local breeds cows which carried out in AL- Diwaniyah city, to assess these traits of the head and neck in both Holstein and local breed cows; 140 animals were selected from each breed aged about (48 ± 4), to investigate the difference in measurements between them in the following parameters; the head length (HL), the line between medial canthi of the eyes (BE), the head side length (SL), head-neck collar (HNC), neck-body collar (NBC), neck length (NL) and mandibular width (MW). The results revealed showed that the Holstein breed cows had the superiority and increment significantly (p≤0.05) in all traits which had been measured (HL, BE, SL, HNC, NBC and MW) in Holstein cows when compared with local breeds. As followed 58.94±0.15; 50.27±0.11, 22.87±0.08; 19.6±0.09, 62.92±0.08 ; 46.5±0.08, 92.3±0.13 ; 59.58±0.07, 130.78±0.12 ; 120.35±0.12 and 23.23± 0.08; 22.76±0.08 (cm) respectively. Except the (NL) parameter which had the significantly (p≤0.05) and superiority in the local breed cows when compared with Holstein breed 44.0.7±0.09 and 42.64±0.11 (cm) respectively.


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